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Top 10 types of Mobile Cover Are Trending in India


In today's world smartphones play a vital role in everyone's life and that's why it becomes very important to keep your smartphone from critical damages. Mobile covers come with different shapes and sizes for your mobile phones and they can give your mobile phone a package of durability, design and convenience to handle . In this article, we will show the top 10 types of Custom mobile cases according to their material and style.

1. Glass cases

Glass cases come with tempered glass and it gives you a premium feel and offers you different designs. If you are looking for thin cases which come with design and shiny texture then these glass cases might be an ideal choice for you. 

2. Designer cases

Designer cases are promptly accessible and chosen by many, it gives security at the same time a good look to your mobile phone. Designer cases come in different shapes, sizes, and different styles.

3. Pop cases

Mobile Pop cases come with a pop up on the backside of your cover which helps your fingers to adjust with your mobile phone and gives you extra protection with different shapes, sizes, and colours.

4. Real 4d cases 

These 4d cases are made with high-definition ink and polycarbonate durable impact-resistant material. These cases will always give you the best print quality with the best protection and give you a unique design from other mobile phone covers. Get a polycarbonate mobile back case for your phone today!

5. Flip Case

The flip case is the most renowned case for durability and security. They give all-around wellbeing to your portable and has even an inbuilt insurance layer inside it. These come in various types of design and cover different shapes and sizes.

6. Pouch case

On the chance that you don't need a back case that adheres to the smartphone's body, you can then purchase a pouch. The pouch resembles a convey pack for your portable, which comes in adaptable sizes and variations of design.

7. Metal Back Case

Metal back covers are made with aluminum and this smartphone case is made with metal to offer total security to the body. They might be weighty but are essentially protected against considerable harm against the mobile phone. 

8. Fabric Case

Fabric cases are very appealing about the design and look. They might appear to be a standard case from the get-go. It remains as it was and they are wonderful with style inside them and can suit a few individual design inclinations. 

9. Wooden Back Cover

People who love vintage and classic style can lean toward a wooden back case for their mobile phones. They might be either genuine or artificial wood-made cases. The wooden back cover offers superb insurance against harm. 

10. Leather Vintage Back Case

The leather vintage back cover is an evergreen texture that is durable, and solid as well. They have a decent grasp and are reasonable for those mobile phones which are smooth in plan and are exceptionally fragile.

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